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Atom Update Pie 9.0

on 2018/11/11 16:27 15,224 ビュー

Awaiting Pie to be released on Atom; it's been about 3mo since it's release.

Is there a release date, android fragmentation is quite the deterrent for me to purchase phones.

Thank you

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オン 2020/01/07 8:52

how to downgrade?

Today I upgrade the latest one but disappered call recording option. so I'd like to go back.

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Yes, give us back call recording! And remoove searching bar!

Viacheslav Prokhorov
on 2020/01/07 12:26

it's not even a real searching bar. Just a useless extra screen page

on 2020/01/07 14:58

I believe these changes were not listed in the release notes!

Search bar is really annoying, but please RETURN BACK PHONE RECORDER!

Does anyone know how to undo or rollback the security upgrade?

Do we ever get any responses here?

on 2020/01/08 14:57

there will be an update by the end of march apparently to fix this issue and to probably put back the old phone app. Also the security patch will be updated

on 2020/01/09 12:52

I would like to have back the recording button, too.

on 2020/01/09 16:06

オン 2020/01/06 7:02

Hi I have the cell phone 

I downloaded the Android 9 update last night

Because of what I'm trying to install I can't!

Something can help why I can't?

オン 2019/11/26 17:25

Hi...I assume if it is not using cellular the range would be fairly short - probably half mile or less but still would consider it a very neat feature.I've seen some Apps that claim to use Wifi to directly talk to another phone with the same App on Wifi but never had much luck with that when I tried it.

Michael Czajka
オン 2019/08/13 7:39

For anyone who hasn't noticed... Android 9 update for the Atom was released a few days ago.

Unihertz has released repeated updates for most of its phones... so no reason to suppose the Atom will be any different?

Well done Unihertz.



Any updates?

オン 2019/07/05 6:32

Please do not comment anymore on this post. It is apparent Unihertz will not be updating to Pie Since Q is coming in the next 2 months.

I will no longer support this brand. And there is no way to remove this posting or remove notification emails. What a sad site.

Clive Chatwin
オン 2019/07/05 6:20

Ok, so I've been mashing the update button daily since owning this device, and so far nothing. Not even a security update, which btw, is seriously out of date.

If you can't commit to Android Pie, could you at least keep the security up to date?

Roger, s
オン 2019/06/24 7:01

Hi there, any update on the Pie 9.0? Or at least a new security batch? Please take it seriously, the ATOM is more than a Funny gadget! Thank you

オン 2019/06/23 0:01

Any update on Pie 9.0 coming to the ATOM?


Customer Service

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123, 日本
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Customer Service
オン 2019/02/25 7:56

Do not worry, when it is released, we will update on our official website.

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Please would you let me know whether there will be a Pie or Q update? If so, what is your target date for delivery?

N/A, Geoff Cook
on 2019/07/19 19:12


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